CityMaster Arriving in Chile

The Municipality of Sant Deiago – Chile will be receiving the new batch of CityMaster 

BONLUCK is to approach the urban passengers’ service commencing third quarter of 2023 in the major city of a centrally situated province of Chile where is also deemed as the one of the satellite cities of Santiago, the capital city of Chile.  

The initial order has accomplished when sailed last week from Shanghai port towards San Antonio voyaging of one month. With considered specification applicable to urban transport, the direct client will be one of the governmental bureaus whereas retailed public operators.

These Highlights are never ignorable to contrive what stringent criterions the authorities are to govern, cushioned passenger seats with retractable 3-point seatbelts, reserved wheelchair space with fastening devices, electric wheelchair ramps, driver cabin devises secured driving… nevertheless, a full automatic transmission plus EURO V engine.

A group of buses parked in a parking lot

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There is nothing exciting more than to witness sailed immobilized machines are fueled to roar, stay tuned.

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