300 Buses Hajj Operations

BONLUCK Delivers over 300 Units To Saudi Arabic to participate in Hajj Operations

Recently, a grand departure ceremony was held by BONLUCK. This year more than 300 units new FACLON LX high-end pilgrim coaches are delivered to Saudi Arabic which produced by BONLUCK. Also this year, FACLON welcomes its new update, totally new streamlined front & rear frame and rear mirror has lowered its drag coefficient. The complete new headlight makes drivers see more clear and further, also the flow LED steering light will catch your eyes.  

A group of buses parked in a parking lot

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Through years of cultivating Saudi Arabic market, getting the feedback from our customer, improving the product bit by bit,  BONLUCK has successfully developed this new FACLON LX luxury coaches for Saudi Arabic market.

A group of buses parked on a concrete surface

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In this very year, there will be total around 1,000 units Hajj coaches running in Saudi Arabic market for Hajj. In the future, BONLUCK will continue to increase, and cooperate with the ‘one belt one road’ national strategy to become stronger and superior.

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