BONLUCK @ World Cub – Qatar 2022

BONLUCK makes its appearance at the World Cub – Qatar 2022

There are large amount of Chinese elements have emerged in the most anticipated game in the world, “World Cup”, among which the designated service vehicles of the conference are high-end buses manufactured by BONLCUK . From 2019 to 2022, dealers in the Middle East purchased a large number of BONLCUK  buses. The World Cup Organizing committee chose 155 high-end customized BONLCUK  buses for the travel of the committee and teams.

A row of buses parked in a parking lot

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The bus for the World Cup is developed, designed and manufactured by BONLCUK  bus according to the local market demand and climatic conditions. It integrates aesthetic, practical, comfortable, safe and other functions in one. It is also the best-selling model of the company in the Middle East at present, with more than 1,000 units.

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With the recovery of the international tourism passenger transport market, with the strong exports of BONLCUK bus, up to now, has received nearly 300 units batch orders from South Korea, Australia, the Middle East, Nanchang Public Transport Bus and other domestic and overseas markets. At present, BONLCUK bus is seizing the market opportunity and speeding up the production.

A group of buses parked in a parking lot

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BONLCUK  Bus has a continuous concept about “go further” and actively participated in the global industrial chain. It has established cooperative relations with MAN, VOLVO and SCANIA, the three famous chassis manufacturers of the world, to explore the high-end passenger travel market in Australia. With BONLCUK  continuing to cooperate for its partnership with Volgren, the largest bus manufacturer in Australia, provide high quality products to the Australian market. Cooperate with South Korea’s famous power battery factory to develop South Korea’s electric city bus market jointly. BONLCUK  Bus will expand the overseas and domestic markets, deepen global industrial cooperation, and persist in concept of “go further”.

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