Warranty Policy

BONLUCK Bus & Coach Warranty covers defects in material and faulty workmanship existing at the time of delivery or the mechanical faulty comes into existence during the warranty period.

For driveline components, which are specified below under the heading (Driveline Warranty), the warranty is valid for a period of twelve months from bus delivery date, or until the vehicle has covered 100,000 km, whichever occurs first.

BONLUCK Bus & Coach undertakes to remedy, free of charge, established defects in material or faulty workmanship existing at the time of delivery or the mechanical faulty coming into existence during the warranty period.

BONLUCK Bus & Coach, or the designated workshop, shall determine, in its sole discretion, the remedying actions to be taken.

This warranty does not cover tyres or other parts which are warranted by other
manufacturers. Nor does the warranty covers equipment’s/parts, bodywork or other installation work not assembled or installed by BONLUCK Bus & Coach factories.

Furthermore, this warranty does not cover additional costs due to equipment’s/parts, bodywork or other installation work assembled or installed by someone other than BONLUCK Bus & Coach factories, which renders the warranty work more difficult or prevents the warranty work from being performed.

The warranty does not apply to the extent BONLUCK Bus & Coach can demonstrate that it is likely that the defect in material or the faulty workmanship, for which warranty is invoked, resulted from:
• the driver failing to comply with BONLUCK Bus & Coach applicable manuals and other available driver’s information
• the vehicle not having been operated in accordance with BONLUCK Bus & Coach valid instructions, e.g. that the stipulated out at correct time and/or mileage intervals A service which is not registered with BONLUCK Bus & Coach or recorded in this booklet, will be deemed to have not been performed unless proven so
• the use of oils, greases or coolants other than those stipulated by BONLUCK Bus & Coach;
• oil changes, service or repair work (including adjustments), having been performed by a non-authorized workshop;
• the defect/fault having become aggravated due to the failure by the driver to take immediate and appropriate action after that such times as the defect/fault became known or should have become known to the driver of after activation of the vehicle’s warning indicator system.
• the vehicle being used in a manner other than that which is normal or having been rebuilt or modified;
• the vehicle having been involved in an accident, subject to misuse, or in any other way subject to external strain;
• Using spare parts which are not original or approved by BONLUCK Bus & Coach.

The following are not, in this context, regarded as defects:
• normal wear and tear e.g. belts, clutch, brake shoes…etc.,
• repairs or adjustments, which constitute normal maintenance,
• normal use of consumable parts.

BONLUCK Bus & Coach makes no representations or warranties other than those expressly set forth above and BONLUCK Bus & Coach disclaims any implied warranties of any kind, including without limitation quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose,. Consequently, except for as provided in this warranty certificate BONLUCK Bus & Coach disclaims any liability for direct and indirect losses, costs or damage which may result from defects in material of faulty workmanship.

Driveline Warranty

Driveline warranty is valid for components given below:


  • Cylinder block
  • Cylinder head
  • Cylinder liners & pistons
  • Valve mechanism
  • Timing mechanism
  • Crank mechanism
  • Conn. Rods & bearings
  • Oil pump + pickup pipe
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil filter housing
  • Preheating device
  • Internal pipes
  • Internal gaskets
  • Internal seals
  • Flywheel and casing
  • Exhaust brake
  • Exhaust/Intake manifold
  • Intercooler
  • By-pass valve Fan
  • Coolant pump
  • Radiator
  • Thermostat & housing
  • Electronic control unit
  • Fuel injection
  • Pump* + coupling and feed pump
  • Injectors
  • Turbocharger


  • Clutch housing
  • Gearbox casing
  • Shafts and gears
  • Bearings
  • Synchro cones
  • Hubs
  • Sleeves
  • Internal pipes
  • Internal seals
  • Splitter unit
  • Range unit
  • Internal gear selector
  • Oil pump
  • Oil cooler
  • PTO
  • Automatic transmission
  • Transfer gearbox

Drive axles

  • Propeller shafts
  • Intermediate bearing
  • Universal joints
  • Front/rear axle casing
  • Driving gears
  • Differential casing
  • Differentials gears
  • Differential bearings
  • Differential lock
  • Half shafts
  • Hub an hub
  • Reduction gears

Clearly, components not stated in this list are not covered by the driveline warranty. The scope and conditions of the warranty were explained previously.

Normal Wear and Tear and Maintenance

BONLUCK Bus & Coach warranty conditions do not include normal wear and tear and maintenance of the vehicle. The climate, driving conditions, driving behavior, the mileage covered, etc., all influence the service life of the items in question

Following are few examples of normal wear and expendable parts:
– Oils, grease, coolant fluid, anti-freeze
– Filters – oil, fuel, are coolant etc.
– Exhaust system
– Drive belts – fan, alternator etc.
– Bulbs and fuses
– Wiper blades
– Clutch plates
– Brake linings
– Desiccant for air dryer

Following are few examples of adjustment procedures which can be regarded as normal maintenance:
– Valve adjustment
– Maintenance and adjustment of injectors
– Adjustment and overhaul of the compressed-air system (for example, off- loading pressure, level valves, brake control valves… etc.)
– Vehicle front end and power steering adjustment
– Tightening of wheel nuts, springs etc.
– Wheel bearing and axle adjustment
– Greasing

Other examples of repairs & adjustments are the doors, hatches, locks… etc.

Warranty Booklet

This warranty Booklet is a valuable document which should be thoroughly studied and well looked after.

It would be advisable to download this document and always keep it in the vehicle binder once your BONLUCK bus is delivered to you.

This would simplify your service visits and there will be no uncertainties regarding the Warranty period or the treatment and care during the Warranty period.

Among other things, the various service occasions that are included in BONLUCK Bus & Coach Preventive Maintenance Program are recorded in the Warranty Booklet.

The proper care in accordance with the instructions in this Warranty Booklet is a precondition for ensuring that BONLUCK Bus & Coach Warranty terms are to apply.

If you have any questions concerning BONLUCK Bus & Coach Warranty conditions or your BONLUCK bus itself, you are more than welcome to contact your nearest BONLUCK Bus & Coach regional office, or you can contact our regional office in charge of your location for more information.